Both the program and the professors are very valuable. Through their teaching they disseminate the essence and value of the program to the students, in a realistic way and directly connected to the needs of the contemporary socio-economic framework.

Aikaterini Katsila

During my first year of study at the MBA in Accounting, I have realized that this is a high-level postgraduate program, based on the lecturers and the teaching material that is provided to us. I believe that obtaining this postgraduate degree, it will be an important asset for my career path and it will broaden my knowledge of accounting

Ioannis Fotopoulos

I gained a new interest in my career and my life. Despite my 20 years of experience in the field, I learn new things and I feel that I am becoming a more complete and more skilled professional.

Argyrios Tsaknis

My choice to take this particular postgraduate program was one of the most proper decisions of my life. The very well designed curriculum and the high standards of teaching are what I have distinguished and made me feel justified for my decision. I worked with professors who were always there for me and I gained knowledge which makes me feel more confident now entering to the labor market.

Vassilis Gatsoris

During my studies at this program, although I have not studied economics before and came into contact with new subjects for the first time, I deeply developed my critical thinking and my life gained an important dimension through my acquaintance with distinguished professors and gaining special knowledge and skills in provocative subjects. I intend to resume my academic studies in a later period.

A. X.

My attendance in the program helped me a lot in my work by offering me a solution to many of my concerns. I am completely satisfied with the knowledge I have gained.

Foteini Spanou

The postgraduate program in Accounting that I am enrolled is interesting and aims at the multifaceted approach of this field. By preparing the written assignments required in each course I have the opportunity to practice and understand in depth the process of acquiring, reporting and checking the profitability of economic activities. In addition, the face to face communication with the professors helped me to resolve questions and broaden my horizons and my way of thinking.

Th. Z.

With this program, I addressed issues that are related to the day-to-day business. The subjects of the written assignments are derived from the marriage of the academic theory and the practical application, as they are employed in practice.

Panos Papandreadis