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Each student may select the modules that he/she wants to attend, provided that the sum of credits (ECTS) per year may not exceed 60. All the modules of the program award 20 ECTS, but the dissertation awards 40 ECTS.

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In practice this means that if a student wishes to complete his/her studies in two years (full time), he/she must choose three modules in the first year and one module and the Dissertation in the second year.

The maximum period of study for the part time students is four years. In this case a student may choose one of the following indicative schedules per academic year:

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
Schedule Α Module (20) 3 Modules (20) Dissertation (40)
Schedule B Module (20) 2 Modules (20) Module (20) Dissertation (40)
Schedule C Module (20) 2 Modules (20) Module (20) & Dissertation (40)
Schedule D Module (20) Module (20) 2 Modules (20) Dissertation (40)
Schedule E Module (20) Module (20) Module (20) Module (20) & Dissertation (40)
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In any case, a student could not attend modules whose sum of credits exceeds 60 per academic year. In consequence, the options of the modules are many, and the students can customize their choices in selecting modules (and the dissertation) within the four academic years, according to their needs.