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The gain of an MBA in Accounting requires the successful completion of 16 courses, grouped in four Modules, and the writing of a Dissertation. Each student can attend one or more Modules per academic year, while the estimated minimum time of submission of a Dissertation is five months and a maximum of eight months. The total credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - ECTS) of the postgraduate program are 120, while the maximum number of credits per academic year cannot exceed 60, according to the current legislation.

According to the basic characteristics of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, 60 credits are allocated to the workload of a full time academic year, either undergraduate or postgraduate. In consequence, a student of the MBA in Accounting cannot attend modules that aggregate more than 60 credits per academic year.

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The academic year begins on October 1 and ends on July 31. Its total duration is of 34 weeks of study, for the 2 semesters of the academic year, including final exams and reexams. The exact dates of the final exams and reexams are announced on the website of each module in the educational platform. During the academic year, and within the grounds of each module, students meet several times with their tutor, who is responsible for informing them, encouraging them and consulting them.

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These meetings are four hour sessions, and are called Group Working Meetings (GWM). The purpose of the GWM is mainly the preparation and elaboration of all the study material that will be covered during each course. The teaching language of the program is English and Greek. Knowledge of English is necessary, as most of the literature is in English.